Project description

Hop-on wants

  • to support adults to make informed and self-determined decisions about their professional future
  • to explain the differences between academic and professional education
  • to accompany interested persons along the first steps to attain their goals and to refer them to advice centers that suit their needs

Who is Hop-on for?

Hop-on is for all adults that are 25 or older, that

  • don't have an official professional or academic degree,
  • don't have a recognized professional or academic degree, or
  • want to get a new professional or academic degree.

There are many possibilities but there are also many legal rules in professional and academic education. Your age is relevant because often there are special offers or rules for people over 25 and under 25. Your residency status also influences the possibilities available to you. Hop-on describes especially the rules for adults that have or are going through the asylum procedure in Germany.

Hop-on would also like to support volunteer or full-time advisers.

How will Hop-on achieve this?

All of the content is in simple German and is translated into Arabic, English and Persian.

Roadmap: Advice on the next steps to getting professional qualification based on your goals and residence status

Compass: Explain the different options for getting a degree (FAQ)

Videos: Adults talk about their experiences

Guide for counselors: Using Hop-on as advice and for information about legal conditions

Contact us: Answers to individual questions through Hop-on

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